Meet The Team: Abby

Hello, there! Welcome to this small corner of the universe. I'm Abby, and I run this  piece of happiness part-time. On days, I work full-time in marketing, but on nights and weekends, I escape here. 

Maintaining a bookish shop like BIBLIOPRESSED requires me to wear a lot of hats like designing, sourcing, production, marketing, accounting, photography, fulfillment, inventory, copy writing, and omg, the list goes on! Despite the multiple hats, there is something incredibly rewarding about my work here. 

I opened this shop on March 2021 and started off with totes and pouches just to see where it takes me. Since then, my shop continues to grow thanks to the lovely community who shares my passion in books. BIBLIOPRESSED thrives on word of mouth which is an incredibly humbling experience. 

FUN FACT: My first sale was a Books Dogs and Coffee Tote (thank you, Danielle)! 

If you've followed me from the very beginning (because as I type this, it's November 2021 and it's still my beginning), you would've noticed that my totes focused on beige canvas blanks and black vinyl; that was when I was afraid to play with color. Now, I make it a point bring pops of colors in everything I launch. You can say that this shop has helped me step out of my comfort zone! 

I hope that as you browse my shop, you find happiness and a spark of inspiration to read more books. Why? Because Books Are Lit! With that said, welcome to my happy place!